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                  I received my BA in Art History in 2017 from Texas Tech University (TTU). Afterward, I studied Museum Sciences for a year to pursue becoming an art curator. I then transitioned into the Master of Art Education program in 2019 at TTU, completing my MAE in 2021. I have observed and student taught at schools of various socioeconomic levels including Alderson Elementary, Talkington School for Young Women Leaders, Laura Bush Middle School, and Estacado High School.  

            My teaching philosophy follows Social Reconstructionism with critical pedagogies and visual cultural arts education. Such a philosophy believes in utilizing art education, popular culture, and activism to transform society into a true democracy with freedom, diversity, equality, justice, and love. Specifically, I believe that students must understand the complexities of power and privilege, practice self-awareness, reflection, racial literacy, and critical thinking skills if they wish to change the world. I also worked at TTU for the J.T. and Margaret Talkington College of Visual and Performing Arts as the Academic Administrative Coordinator for about a year.

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